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Thread: swap file

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    Default swap file

    Cum se seteaza swap-ul pe un DM500 (Gemini 3.00)
    Din webif nu reusesc, si daca ii dau manual
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/mnt/swap/swapfile bs=1024 count=256000
    mkswap /var/mnt/swap/swapfile
    swapon /var/mnt/swap/swapfile
    toate-s ok, pana la swapon, care-mi spune "function not implemented"...

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    Poate te ajuta asta:
    How to create a swapfile on my Dreambox? ( )

    plugin is made by hazem...

    using the memoryswap script from our downloadsection you can simply create a swap file and check the memory status of your DreamBox.

    This can be the sollution againt spontainious reboots or freezes watching TV. Now you'll have some extra memory!

    * the zipfile contains 2 scripts
    1) scriptusb - for those using USB
    2) scripthdd - for those using HDD

    * FTP the script in /var/bin/
    * then telnet to your Dreambox (root/dreambox) and type
    chmod +x var/bin/scriptusb OR scripthdd
    cd var/bin
    ./scriptusb OR ./scripthdd

    (Corresponding of what you use!)

    * now you will get a menu of 3 choices:
    1) display free disk space"
    2) display free memory"
    3) make swap file"
    0) Exit

    * choose what you want 1, 2, 3 or 0 <enter>

    * when you enter "3" to create a swap file: you will get a swap file of 32 MB if you use an usb-stick and one of 256 MB if you use a harddisk (hdd)

    * to automatically swapon , put this command in:
    /var/etc/init, just look which one exists:

    swapon /mnt/usb/swapfile
    swapon /hdd/swapfile

    Numai bine.



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