HEE - Humax5400 EEPROM Editor


- Reading and writing a Fun-EEPROM without a programmer (Mode 0)
(You have to use an Xin1-FUN in the internal CAM and
the IRCI 5400 must be connected with your PC over RS232)
You have to edit the HEE.INI file for your COM settings.

- Automatic Web Update
With this function you can read web sites with key data and write
it to the fun. Before you can use this function, you have to use
"Read all" once to get a base file.
The files *.HEE contain the commands to analysize the web sizes.
You can define your own scriptfiles for other web sites.

- Under WinXP you can install it as a service, with
HEE -install
you can remove it with
HEE -remove
If you want to use more than one service, you only have to rename
the files before installing the service.
(for example HEE1.exe, HEE1.ini, HEE1.bin)

- Remote Activation from Humax
You can start the key update with the following buttons on the
remote control:

Enjoy it!