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Thread: TV Revolution

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    Default TV Revolution

    Hello everybody!

    Selevision a compnay based in UAE & Saudi Arabia has said that it would revolutionise the way people watch TV & advertisements
    Sometime back they launched a STB with 2 tuners & it has a dial up modem & ethernet port, with hard disk as well to record programmes. Also featuring MP3 player, interactive TV, fax & answering machine.
    The company claims that it will monitor its viewers habits or popularity of adverts watched, and will then give this feed back to advert companies, later specific ads will be sent to specific STB. One needs to upgrade software through satelite or through their web site.

    The question here is.
    Can a STB send back viewing habits information to the broadcaster?
    Is it possible for broadcasters to send different adverts to different STB's?.

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    since it has a dial-up/ethernet feature, why not? but who wants to be watched in any way? already we are bombarded by advertisements which we hate to see (thus we quickly shift channels during ads, or do something else worthwhile).
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    Thanks boknoy,
    If my STB is not connected to the net, is there any way they can get the info?



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