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    Default mediacom superplus dvb-s

    iam new to this satelite world, it's soo interesting.

    Particularly people in this forum are so good, sharing things with others and educate others by their experience.

    i have a mediacom superlpus dvb-s receiver with NSS6 & hotbird staelite.
    How can i use this receiver to watch new channels?

    what software upgrade really does?

    what DVB-S means?

    what is TPS AES keys / i can only find TPS france keys in via access 1

    if anyone can find time

    please help

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    DVB is a standard for digital TV (image) transmission, developed in Europe. This digital transmission standard (MPEG standard) is integrated in all set-top boxes commercially available in Europe. For example, the CA system of a receiver is specified in the "Common- Scrambling- System". The type of transmission is further specified by means of the addition of a further letter to the DVB abbreviation (S = satellite, C = cable, T = terrestrial).

    What is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)?

    The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), specifically, FIPS Publication 197, that specifies a cryptographic algorithm for use by U.S. Government organizations to protect sensitive, unclassified information. NIST anticipates that the AES will be widely used on a voluntary basis by organizations, institutions, and individuals outside of the U.S. Government - and outside of the United States - in some cases.



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