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    Default twintuner receivers

    what is twintuner receivers? and do they really open all encryptions including iredito2? and what is the famous receivers of this kind?

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    Default Re: twintuner receivers

    Quote Originally Posted by sommy
    what is twintuner receivers? and do they really open all encryptions including iredito2? and what is the famous receivers of this kind?
    don't even bother. most are dead or dying. better get an IP based CS box like visionnet, dreambox, etc.
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    This is the exact truth behind the sharing stoppage. This passage
    will clarify most of sharing problems for you.

    It's over a year that satellite shared sending has been started.
    All of you know this fact that sharing is totally illegal and
    against all copyright laws!

    At the beginning companies that had been hacked by this method
    (Arabian Packages) didn't believe that this would become a universal
    and popular tactic to break the channels so didn't react very
    seriously. But time over time they found their situation in danger
    because 2-tuner receivers were becoming popular among arabs too. So
    they put the pressure on those companies which guaranteed the
    security system of their cards.
    According to their legal grievance, these guarantor companies
    started to search among transfering data on satellites. The search
    was only once a week at first but it became more and more frequent
    that now they run a search almost every day.
    And the rumor on virus sending and mixing that on the sharing
    transfer frequency is all fake too!

    The fact is that during the sharing transfer and opening of all
    packages the bandwitdh increases so much that is very easy to track
    by the seekers. So as the searching starts, some equipment on sender
    station trigger the alarms that the server is gonna be found. The
    main station then attempts to stop transfering data temporarily to
    avoid finding and blocking the server by seekers.

    This stoppage prevents the seekers to find the sender station and
    they will have to stop searching because extra searching most of the
    time deranges the normal and legal data transfer. Eventually after
    the searching is finished sharing is gonna start again but
    reconnecting the system is time-consuming.

    So what happened the last few days?
    The worldcup started and the ART package security managers were put
    totally under the pressure to stop stealing of data. So the
    searching and tracking was increased very much. And to avoid finding
    the sender station, data was being totally stopped. That's the fact
    behind the "Black Screen".

    It has been promised that due to security consideration which is
    taking place, the packages will be opened up again. These are the
    system problems and anything but this isn't truth. All the company
    asks you is patience because you have to consider that this system
    is totally illegal. So they want us to give them the chance to
    overcome the security issues. It's even mentioned that they have
    serious problems with their sovereign government and they are under
    the chase. So these guys are trying their best to keep up the work.

    Now the main question!
    WorldBox is a powerful receiver without a doubt but if the sharing
    is gonna be closed time after time what good is WorldBox and other 2-
    tuners for? 2-tuners receivers are still a new generation in the
    market and considering the fact that sharing is not dedicated to a
    special kind of receiver so systems like Hi-Tech and DreamMaker are
    using this sharing too. So be sure that this will be done but
    sometimes specially at this very beginning it happens that due to
    relocation of sharing sender station we encounter stoppage of
    signals. As I've mentioned earlier this is clear violation of
    copyright law so it has its own serious troubles.

    When you choose to buy an illegal device it means that you have
    thought about all of these facts and considering the laws you are
    participating in a law violation too. So the company is not the only
    one to blame. And one thing is for sure. No company, specially
    WorldBox which is still too young and attempts to win the market
    don't want to lose its customers. But they can't make an open
    customer support due to above facts. That's why you can't find these
    guys addresses or can't contact them openly. They are working for
    you and for the success of their company but we all are involved in
    a clear illegal business.

    How's it gonna be in the future? ... Well, let's wait and see the

    10FT Dish 169° east-49°east

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    Very nice work Daeng.Thanks.
    " 李俊明 Born To Help People "

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