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    Default Max Tv pe Eutelsat W2?

    Eutelsat W2 (16.0E) - 11513.00 V - DVB-S - 29950 3/4 - NID: 0 - TID: 50300 - Txp: D3 - Beam: Europe - Max TV-Protv international&AlfaOmegaTv
    Offset 1,15m+0,2 THB+h-h SRT DM 2100+Strong SRT 6126=68.5E-30W

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    Apropo de Max,
    Lista cu transponderi, la zi (sursa lyngsat) pentru cine intereseaza:

    2=Eutelsat W2

    1=10957,H,2821,23; Alsat TV
    2=10962,H,3146,34; Telemarket
    3=10968,H,6400,34; (Mediaset feeds)
    4=10972,V,27500,23; Total TV
    5=10976,H,6400,34; (Telespazio feeds)
    6=10989,H,6400,34; (Telespazio feeds)
    7=10997,H,6400,34; (Telespazio feeds)
    8=11005,H,6400,34; (Mediaset feeds)
    9=11011,V,27500,34; ITV Partner
    10=11015,H,6400,34; (feeds)
    12=11025,H,2894,34; 7 Gold
    13=11046,H,10555,34; Romanian mux
    14=11053,V,22000,12; DigitAlb
    15=11061,H,5722,56; National Geographic Channel
    16=11067,H,6111,34; (Xantic feeds)
    17=11078,H,5208,56; Elpitel
    18=11090,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    19=11092,V,32000,56; DigitAlb
    20=11096,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    21=11102,H,3255,34; (Elpitel feeds)
    22=11108,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    23=11126,H,5632,34; (British Telecom feeds)
    24=11131,V,12222,34; Antena
    25=11133,H,3000,23; (British Telecom feeds)
    26=11137,H,3000,23; (British Telecom feeds)
    27=11142,H,3000,23; (British Telecom feeds)
    28=11146,V,5700,34; (feeds)
    29=11150,H,5632,34; (British Telecom feeds)
    30=11152,V,5632,34; (feeds)
    31=11158,H,5632,34; (British Telecom feeds)
    32=11164,V,5632,34; (feeds)
    33=11168,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    34=11172,V,6111,34; (feeds)
    35=11177,H,5632,34; (British Telecom feeds)
    36=11180,V,6666,78; (feeds)
    37=11184,H,2667,34; Kurdistan TV
    38=11187,V,5632,34; (feeds)
    39=11190,H,5632,34; (CBS feeds)
    40=11304,V,30000,34; British Telecom
    42=11449,H,27500,78; AlbaniaSat
    43=11471,V,29950,34; TV Romania
    44=11492,H,29950,34; Parabole Océan Indien
    45=11513,V,29950,34; Max TV :P
    46=11534,H,30000,34; CanalSat Réunion
    47=11554,V,30000,78; Total TV
    48=11575,H,30000,34; CanalSat Réunion
    49=11596,V,28800,78; ITV Partner
    50=11617,H,29950,34; Parabole Océan Indien
    51=11634,V,17578,56; BBC
    52=11658,H,30000,34; CanalSat Réunion
    53=11659,V,17578,56; BBC
    54=11675,V,5632,34; (Arqiva feeds)
    55=11687,V,5632,34; (Arqiva feeds)
    56=12509,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (A)
    57=12517,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (B)
    58=12524,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (C)
    59=12532,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (D)
    60=12537,V,6000,23; (feeds)
    61=12540,H,2816,34; (Enex feeds) (E)
    62=12547,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (F)
    63=12555,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (G)
    64=12557,V,2156,23; DM Sat
    65=12562,H,5632,34; (Enex feeds) (H)
    66=12563,V,2222,12; Billa
    67=12568,H,3703,78; SIC Internacional
    68=12616,H,13333,78; (feeds)
    69=12630,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    70=12633,V,4883,12; RTK 1 Sat
    71=12636,H,5632,34; (TVN feeds)
    72=12649,V,3255,34; (feeds)
    73=12650,H,15000,23; Unire
    74=12656,V,4883,12; TV Shqiptar Satelit
    75=12675,V,4444,12; TV B92
    76=12676,H,4321,12; (feeds)
    77=12680,V,3000,34; (feeds)
    78=12683,H,2894,34; Tunis 7
    79=12685,V,3255,34; (feeds)
    80=12687,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    81=12692,V,3798,12; BN Sat
    82=12694,H,5632,34; (feeds)
    83=12698,V,4340,34; (feeds)
    84=12702,H,5632,34; (TVN feeds)
    85=12707,V,5785,34; RTL Hrvatska
    86=12712,V,3418,23; Armenia TV
    87=12717,H,6000,34; (feeds)
    88=12717,V,3214,34; (feeds)
    89=12721,V,3400,34; (feeds)
    90=12726,H,6400,56; (feeds)
    91=12735,V,11800,34; IT Mak

    Numai bine.



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