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    Default Performace rating of STB for DREAMTV

    as we all know by now, DREAMTV has thrown a lot of punches in tune with Pacman's on the ringside. changing keys, ECM data, etc. so here is a review of some of the well known STBs being used for DREAMTV in philippines. feel free to post your additional comments in relation to hivion9090x, euroline ds555, and others too.

    in general here is the test and benchmark i made during the Pacquiao and Larios Fight..

    I have used 5 models in total.. this are mainly V889 with atmega, V889 by software, Cbox, Xsat and PCI-DVB card VP1020..

    Models AU time
    V889 w/ atmega; 0-2sec
    V889 by software; 30sec. -> 10min
    Cbox (software); 2-5sec.
    Xsat w/ atmega; 16 sec.
    PCI-DVB VP1020; 0sec. or hung


    Before the fight start.. i have setup the above models to test the speed and possible to see which model would survive the successive key changes of dream.. so far here is the result..

    My setup are 4 seperate receivers 2 x V889 running on software and atmega, 1 x Cbox6886, 1 x Xsat430 and 1 x DVB-S card Twinhan VP1020.. This 5 models are simultaneosly runnning on 6 port power passing splitters with 1 signal amplifier with a cable of around 120feet up to LNB.. I also put up a RCA Audio-Video 4 Switch Selector so i can monitor all the STB's by pressing the button..

    as i have put up my setup i ran in some few problems with this settings.. i have a intermittent power loss signal so i have fix this by turning off all the power in my STB's and attaching a signal amplifier after the LNB and before the power passing splitter, then rebooting my computer first as the power would be drawn from the computer CPU itself.. as soon i have confimed power with the LNB, the next thing i done is to open up all the remaining 4 other receiver.. this eliminate the intermittent signal loss and i established a stable signal with all the receivers and PCI-DVB-S.. finally all STB's and PCI-DVB card are tune in to the same channel DCinema1 for the program..

    V889 w/ atmega card.. This is the fastest i saw i never saw the screen freezes or turned black whenever there is a key changes.. the internal buffering helps the picture continually shows while the atmega card is looking for the current keys..

    V889 by internal software.. This is where i can noticed the keys changed whenever my screen turns into black and the display CA Upgrading shows took around more than 10 min when the software changes..

    Cbox6886.. i must admit this box really rocks.. 2sec. during normal key change.. 5-7sec. during software and key changes by dream.. never turns screen to black just screen freezes for a while and back again..

    Xsat430.. quite stable with atmega on it.. but during key changes your screen turns black for around 16secs. missing some punch trown by Pacquiao to Larios..

    VP1020 PCI-DVB card.. this is quite handy on getting information for the current keys.. but become unreliable when dream changes to different software making my ROM10.bin file invalid.. so got to extract the keys from the atmega card itself..

    In general I would recommend V889 with atmega card or cbox 6886 as this two boxes gives me a thumbs up performance on the Pacquio vs Larios fight..

    *** similar post has been made at
    HP-Compaq DC5000 MT 1.5GB RAM
    Debian Squeeze with Smargos
    CCcam 2.1.4

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    Default functional test

    I read this topic on other forum and I really like the way he test the au capabilities of several receivers. Though there is also a simple way to check the speed and stability of your unit, by just changing the working keys from code menu (in my case I put all FFFFFFFF…..), then check how the unit response on sudden change of keys.

    I remember on my receiver it takes a number of minutes before the correct keys had been stored so, I can say that the above receivers speaking of speed outsmart other brands including the expensive one.

    Good job Jim..

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    Default Euroline DS555

    This box showed satisfactory performance on July 2, 2006. The speed during key changes was variable but at one time during the main event, 20 seconds delay. Most of the time is less than 10 seconds, the keys will just appear on the TV monitor.
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