Luxe.TV in TPS via HOT BIRD™

A new channel, Luxe.TV, has been included in the TPS package which is broadcast via the HOT BIRD™ satelliites since 23 June.

Broadcasting exclusively via the TPS platform, the channel goes out free-to-air on channel 97, transmitting in SD and HD on a 24-hour basis.

Devised by Jean Stock, the channel claims to be “the first TV channel in the world devoted entirely to luxury”. Programming consists of magazines and news features (shot in a variety of different countries) focusing on six essential aspects of the world of luxury: Fashion & Beauty; Quality Jewellery, Watches & Clocks; Ideal Home; Sport & Leisure; Hotels & Gastronomy; Cars, Planes & Boats.

Incorporated under Luxembourg law, the channel transmits in French and German, and there are plans to expand internationally into other markets.