Paramount mulls control of MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies

Film studio Paramount Pictures and parent Viacom Inc. are considering whether to consolidate sister companies MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies under Paramount, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Combining the operations would help streamline film distribution and marketing, and more closely align the two divisions' management with the larger Paramount Pictures.

"Paramount and MTV Networks have been working together to find an optimal new structure to bring MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies into the Paramount Motion Picture Group," said Paramount spokeswoman Janet Hill.

She indicated that no timetable for such a consolidation has been set.

Viacom owns Paramount Pictures, as well as youth-oriented cable television network MTV and kid's network Nickelodeon.

Both TV divisions also run successful movie-making units targeting films to their core audiences, and those films are distributed through Paramount. MTV Films backed last year's summer "The Longest Yard," starring Adam Sandler, and Nickelodeon Movies is behind current hit "Nacho Libre."