MTV World Set to Launch Korean-American-Themed ''MTV K''
Following the rollout of MTV Desi and MTV Chi, MTV World will be launching a third culturally-themed station this year, MTV K.

Launching June 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, MTV K is a 24-hour, music-centered network dedicated to young Korean-Americans. The station’s content will be composed primarily of Korean pop, hip-hop and punk, while also showcasing Korean films, drama and fashion.

The station will be available via DIRECTV, in the KoreanDirect package as part of the WorldDirect service. It will also soon be available on Verizon’s FIOS TV. “Korean pop-culture is exploding worldwide and is the next big influence in music,” said Nusrat Durrani, MTV World’s general manager and senior VP. “MTV K’s mission is to provide millions of Korean-Americans with a unique connection to an exciting and evolving new culture that draws from both Korean and American influences.”

In the tradition of the launch of MTV U.S. with the Buggles and MTV Europe with Dire Straits, MTV News correspondent, SuChin Pak, will kick of the station’s inaugural telecast by unveiling the station’s first music video, this time around chosen by viewer’s votes on Among the station’s announced programs are Top 10 Kountdown, Hip-Hop Seoul and On LoKation, which gives viewers a look into the hottest clubs, restaurants and events frequented by young Korean-Americans.

MTV Desi for Indian Americans launched in July 2005, followed by MTV Chi for Chinese Americans in December