V-Plug (SoftCam Emulator for DVB-S Cards / MDAPI (MultiDec API) Plug-In)
The plug-in decrypts the Crypted words from the incoming ECM stream. The actual descrambling of the video stream is done by a special chip on the DVB card (CSA).
This chip is available with "premium" technotrend chipset cards like Nexus. Budget cards like the WinTV Nova lack the chip. In this case you have to use software decrypt (SoftCSA) which requires a decent CPU.(-> http://csa.irde.to/)

V 0.3

-NEW: TPS AU Fix! (Thnx MrToolate!)
-NEW: Seca-1. (Many thnx to the authors of "MEDIAGUARD MUSINGS" and "GrolandSAT Plug-in"!)
-NEW: PMT filter. (Thnx Remote!)
-NEW: Scan_Current_CAT -> Enhanced emm filter! (Thnx Vlinders for the CAPI_Sample!)
-NEW: Get_MDAPI_Version
-NEW: Activate/deactivate option is working now!
-NEW: CPU Usage Measurement. (Thnx Dynnikov->http://www.aldyn.ru/)
-Bug fix: starting/stopping ecm/emm filters on selected pid.
-Bug fix: TPSCrypt1 detection/TPSCrypt2 odd key! (Many thnx to France 2/3/5 channels!)

V 0.2

-Constant DCW support
-Bug fix: Via-1 odd key
-BISS Support (BISS CAID =0x2600, thnx Zhanmo1!)
-Bug fix: Duplicate Get_Programm_Detail has been removed.
-Bug fix: Setting Form_Close Action to caHide.
-Low CPU usage! (Sending DCWs when it is necessary)

V 0.1

First public release!
Tested in ProgDVB.
Supported systems:
And Via-1 EMM analyzer (Beta Ver.)

Many thanks to MrToolate, VKeys & DVBN Friends!

Watching Pay-TV channels you don’t have a subscription for is a felony!
This software does not change that. You should only use it if you are a legitimate subscriber.