Romania - TV networks must become digital by 2012.

Romania will benefit from two national digital terrestrial radio networks and eight digital terrestrial television networks, according to the digital broadcasting plan established at the Regional Radiocommunication Conference held in Geneva between May 15 and June 16.

"The conference underlined the transition from analog to digital television, a process which, according to EU requirements, must be completed by 2012," said Catalin Marinescu, the president of the General Inspectorate for IT&C. Digital television will gradually replace analog, as they both function at the same wavelength and they cannot optimally share the band.

By 2012, the eight national digital TV networks will replace the three analog networks and the over 300 local stations. As for radio, the two national digital networks will supplement the four analog and two existing digital networks. Over 1,000 delegates from 104 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Iran have signed the Geneva 2006 agreement, which provides the procedure for frequency coordination between signing countries. Digital TV services insure a wide range of options for the user, better quality of the audio and video transmission, higher data transmission rates and greater efficiency in using the ********, meaning access to more programs.