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    Default DVB Dream 1.1h (MPEG4/H.264 support added)

    DVB Dream 1.1h

    What is new (19.06.2006)

    * MPEG4/H.264 support added (v1.1h)
    * Plugin checkmarks fixed (v1.1h)
    * Video options dialog revised (v1.1h)
    * SS2 USB support fixed (v1.1h)
    * Overlay usage fixed (v1.1h)
    * Log files no longer use root path (v1.1h)
    * * You can test H.264 with Cyberlink or CoreAVC codecs at the moment. Cyberlink H.264 codec is included in PowerDVD 7:
    CoreAVC will probably have an aspect ratio problem, you might want to try it with Generic Video Renderer.

    * Twinhan: more stable tuning (v1.1g)
    * Pinnacle: fix for periodic freezings (v1.1g)
    * Genpix: Turbo QPSK/FEC support (v1.1g)
    * Some fixes for PIP and MPG record (v1.1g)

    * More bandstacking options (v1.1f)
    * Bandstacking uses fixed 18 volt now (v1.1f)
    * Stay On Top fix (test) (v1.1f)

    * Fix for TS record (empty 2nd file) bug (v1.1e)
    * MPG record minor fixes (v1.1e)
    * Supports Band Stacking LNBs (test) (v1.1e)
    * Supports Uncommitted switches (test) (v1.1e)
    * Genpix device update, 1.0.2 (v1.1e)

    * Minor fix for record audio drop outs on some channels (v1.1d)

    * Fix for record crash bug (v1.1c)
    * Better audio sync for record (v1.1c)

    * Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog) (v1.1b)
    * 22khz tone off/on switch bug fixed (v1.1b)
    * AirStar2 bug fixed (v1.1b)
    * Pinnacle Diseqc support (v1.1b)

    * Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog) (v1.1a)
    * New Feature: Upgrade Reminder (v1.1a)

    * Ch.Scanner has been adapted for N.A. / Echo*
    * Genpix 8PSK - USB device support
    * Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite support by Leonid P.
    * Out of resource bug fixed
    * General Timer Exception bug fixed
    * Bulgarian language added
    * Preferred languages for audio pids added
    * AC3 problems fixed
    * Modulation selection (QPSK / 8PSK) added
    * New Ch.list Options: Auto Collapse and Single Click To Expand
    * Ch.list color changes when filtered by TTX, AC3 or Multi-Audio.
    * Several Twinhan options added (Main menu/Options/Dev.Options)
    * Some plugin problems fixed
    * Many bugs reported via Eurekalog fixed

    Supported Devices:

    * B2C2 (Skystar2, Airstar2, Cablestar2)
    * Twinhan (All PCI models should work *)
    * Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite
    * Genpix 8PSK to USB device


    * B2C2 devices need v4.3.2 or newer driver
    * Please report the Twinhan models you could run DD on. (i.e. Twinhan VP-1020 - Red or Starbox ***)
    * Some codecs do not support PIP (e.g. old Cyberlink versions)! Best codecs for DD: Sonic or Nvidia
    * How to report bugs
    * Please do not try to use old modules (DDRemote, DVBEPG etc) with new DD. Old modules are incompatible with new DD.

    Dreambox 900 4K / Nvidea Shield StreamBox

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    thanx Spaceman - great update . thanx 4 rreloc
    Videoplex plus decoder card . Dxr3. .Twinhan vp1020.
    Ati radeon 9200. Ubuntu feisty7.04

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    BBC HD(28E)=merge,dar sacadat.
    TPS Promo(13E)=se misca mai bine,dar tot cu probleme!
    2000mhz AMD64,1 gb Ram,256mb Ati 800Pro,SS2

    Merge la cineva bine?
    Dreambox 900 4K / Nvidea Shield StreamBox

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    In dvbdream imi merge sacadat.
    Insa daca inregistrez ts si play cu powerdvd7 merge bine cu procesorul la 60 %.

    Asta cu ajutorul hardware acceleration la h264/avc pe care il am la placa video 6600gt si care este inclus in ultimele drivere forceware de la nvidia:

    Aici puteti vedea care sunt chipseturile de la nvidia care suporta mpeg4 h264/avc HD hardware acceleration:

    Fara accelerare hardware sunt slabe sansele sa mearga hd mpeg4 h264 deocamdata.. am 10-15 fps-uri si blocaje multe daca nu e activata.

    Conf mea:
    Procesor P4 2.6 ghz HT
    Memorie 512 ram
    Video Leadtek A6600 GT TDH


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    In "Hifi-Forum" cineva a reusit sa vada fara probleme.
    Numai tonul face ceva probleme.

    Info la (germ.)

    AMD64 [email protected] 2640 Mhz, Nvidia 7800GT, 2 Gig Ram

    Ich habe es jetzt endlich geschafft BBC HD ruckelfrei mit der Skystar 2 zu empfangen. Super bild, per DVI auf dem LCD.
    Einziges Problem ist nun noch, das der Ton ab und an ca. 2 sek voraus ist.

    Habe den neuen DVB Viewer GE 2.0.1 installiert, plus den Core AVC 1.1 H.264 codec, und damit funktioniert es nun fast reibungslos.
    Allerdings nicht auf meinem HTPC, sondern nur am normalen "Zock-PC". Musste auch ein wenig an der Taktschraube drehen.
    Daten: AMD64 [email protected] 2640 Mhz, Nvidia 7800GT, 2 Gig Ram.
    Naja, mal gucken wie gleich das "Match of the Day" aussieht.
    Dreambox 900 4K / Nvidea Shield StreamBox

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    Pe marginea prapastiei. Privind voios (spre voi) in jos!
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    A aparut DVBDream 1.2 (03.09.2006)

    "Whats new

    Major changes:
    - New device support: Tongshi
    - New device support: Broadlogic
    - New device support: DVBWorld
    - Positioner Support Added (including GotoX.X / USALS)
    - Remote Control support (WinLirc and Twinhan RCs)
    - New Scheduler (uses Windows Task Scheduler)
    - Renewed EPG , better handling of high data rate
    - Snapshot feature
    - B2C2 devices can work with old drivers too now (i.e. possible to use 4.2.x)
    - Intervideo and DVD Express codecs work fine now on DD
    - PAT & PMT generation for TS files. (produces more compatible TS files)
    - Cryrilic charset problem fixed (EPG)
    * SS2 users must use Mibi's patched drivers to be able to use positioner feature.
    * Snapshot might not work with Overlay, you must use VMR.

    Minor Details:
    - NEW: New cmd-line switches /startpiprec, /stoppiprec, /startrecordall, /stoprecordall
    - FIX: removed unnecessarry delay on manual stopping the scan
    - NEW: ch-change timeout
    - NEW: Channels can be deleted using DEL key now
    - FIX: C Band IF calculation problem
    - FIX: Unnecessary "another instance is working..." message
    - NEW: Doesnt display the satellite tabs that dont have any channel
    - NEW: New column info option: language
    - NEW: New column info option: Signal Level
    - NEW: Channel properties displays first scan and last update dates
    - NEW: now it is possible to edit or add ac3 pids on
    - NEW: now it is possible to disable "Tune to last channel at startup"
    - CHG: remote-list needs double click to switch channels (this was necessary to prevent drag&drop list-rearrange problems)"

    Thanks relocation !



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