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    Default Dragon DragonCrypt si Cryptoworks

    Am o intrebare: cum se baga cheile de CW cu Programul DragonCrypt intr-un predator file?

    Intreb fiindca pe forum tot apar chei de Digiturk, de 32 de caractere, in schimb, la variantele postate pe forum pt. Dragon, de bagat cu telecomanda, nu sunt decat de 16 caractere. In plus in DragonCrypt, dupa ce selectez ID-ul lui Digiturk (03C0) are 4 chei de cate 16 caractere (00 01 02 03). Care-i legatura intre astea si cele listate in formatul softcam.key?

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    Cauta un soft care se chema:

    HEX-DEC Key Switcher

    :P :P :P :P

    - Convert Hex to Dec key
    - Convert Dec to Hex key
    - Key Len can be defined (8,16,24,32....)
    Default len=16 bytes (32 chars in hex)


    Antes de postear en este foro, lea las normas y preséntese. Y al presentarse respete las normas Nş 1. Gracias


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    Obywans,ai aici ce-ti trebuie.. ..Bafta
    Vu+Duo,Humax HDCI 2000,Dreambox500,Digi TV,Max TV,Triax 1,10cm,PhilipsLNB,Diablocam,CAS 3,InfinityUSB,E.T.C.-raPromax TV Explorer

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    Asta am facut. Problema este ca receiver-ul meu nu functioneaza 100% cu DragonCAM, in sensul ca odaa programat CAM-ul decodeaza, dar nu rectioneaza la comenzi de genul Debug -> si sa bag chei cu telecomanda, in format decimal. Ca urnare, daca vreau sa modific chei, le modific in Predator file, si pe urma rescriu CAM-ul cu Predator-ul updatat.

    Iata un exemplu de aici:

    Posted: 09 Jun 2006 17:40 Post subject:
    W D03C0 01 16AC8260E2267AC39909905D23A3F4AC ; Digiturk

    Posted: 10 Jun 2006 01:53 Post subject:
    ...sau,pentru DC,testate,OK...

    Astea in DEC, convertite in HEX dau:
    03 C1 01 CE 27 0C 2C 2F E4 56 97 -- 8 bytes/16 chars

    care banuiesc ca s-ar traduce in:

    03 C1 - primii 2 bytes provider Digiturk
    Din cheile listate, vad ca in Softcam.key sau in post-uri, apar ca ID-uri si chei:
    W D03C0 00
    W D03C0 01
    W D03C4 00
    W D03C4 01

    dar nu exista 03C1...

    Are careva vreo idee?

    Iata ce scrie in instructiunile de la DragonCrypt:

    How to enter CryptoWorks keys in DragonCrypt:
    1-Load Your DRA File & Table (Predator342.TBL)
    2-Select Cryptoworks system crypt
    3-Select ident 0DXX-CW, key window appear
    4-Enter ident or sub ident like give in dec key converted to hex (example: 03C1)
    5-Enter key number (example 01)
    6-Enter key Value (example *********)
    7-Press Update button

    You have entered : [03C1] [01] [************key] of 12/05 update yur cam it will work now

    NOTA ress Read button if you want to get key value before update or after update



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