It completes update 17 June 2006 The cause of the blackout is a change in the revision of rom110. A change of key00 together with the flowers of the car-roll. I explain myself... The keys, mainly obtained from the Mvision 9080net, through the upset one of their memory. They have changed the flowers of autorroll and first those let make Car mainly that did it, the Mvision 9080 and FS8080; later they change flowers 00 and as nobody can obtain it... since it is not possible to be acceded (at the moment to the reading of the card... nor to the reading of the decos autorroll, because there are no them) to knowing... That is, that dejaros to look for flowers 02 (that already it is in all the decos) and you have a little patience because the possible solution (if there were it) as little it would be a change of the software of all the decos. That is that solution with the happy control at a distance DOES NOT SEEM So far! [ font=Times New Roman][size=3]Para each mark of receiver will be leaving firms new in which they will have to introduce 48 digits in three informative rows. Be leaving little by little. Kind. First: Mvision FCIS 9080 NET 2,16 VUM new GXMax - Downloads NEW CONCLUSIONS Providers was not altered (they continue such) Continuous Key 02 being key AU - that is, is not going to be precise new firms to put 3 keys, because this key 02 is only for deco to make AU (always this key 02 in the SoftCam`s existed) CONCLUSION: we must hope that the investigators are able to open the Rev.AC3 totally to remove the new keys (only 00 and 01 like habitually). For that reason you do not try to put 3 keys in decos and, FINALLY, it reduces to us to wait few days to have the new keys (I repeat, the investigating ones already discovered in the EMM that key 00 only changed but not yet they have been able to desencriptar it