To all Humax 5400 owners,

There is a new wave of fake software doing the rounds again. Please take note that the actual and current soft is ToH3.3_HoT3.2. All others are fakes.

These fakes vary in danger, some fakers just try edit out the authors name to replace it with their own while other may contain viruses to infect your computer and/or software damaging your Humax.

Please do not upload to your Humax.

Known fakes around atm are:

Warning : HTT-Sunflower-Theme.hdf is a fake.
Warning : Humax Theme Editor v2.5 is a fake.
Warning :Humax Turbo Team Uploader 1.2 is a fake.
Warning :ToH3.3_HoT2.9_HTT3.2_XP_Style.hdf.
Warning : HTT-Sunflower-Theme.hdf.
Warning : EmuOnHumax3.4Hot3.4.cro.hdf.
Warning : New patch from HaMiD ToH3.4_HoT3.2.
Warning : new_toh3_4_mit_blaue_style_by_hamid.

How can you protect yourself against such fakes?
- fakes claim to open non-hacked systems. You have always seen in the past that once a system has been hacked there are posts/discussion about it all boards, thus if suddenly there is a junior member posting a file claiming to open something new it will be a fake;
- fake files may contain "new" loaders (see below);
- fakes don't contain a ReadMe.txt file;
- fakes may contain a ReadMe file written in poor English.

"New" Loaders can be very dangerous. The loader is the "Bios" of your Humax and there is normally no reason whatsoever to temper with it (it was only done once when the new box was patched). Such "New" loaders can render your box useless and you would need the old Z-board to repair it. And there are not many Z-boards left - I wouldn't know where to find one anymore!

Good files will be posted by trusted members and confirmed to be working by other trusted members. Look for such recommendations.

We are doing our best to eliminate such fakes from our board but still please be careful when new files appear.