DISH Network(TM) Adds BabyFirstTV(TM) to Channel Line-up.
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EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) today announced its DISH Network(TM) satellite TV service now offers BabyFirstTV(TM), a 24hour commercialfree channel dedicated to babies, toddlers and their parents. BabyFirstTV is supported by top child development experts and is designed to provide an opportunity for babies to learn, play and bond with their parents.

BabyFirstTV is available on DISH Network ch. 126 as an a la carte option for $9.99 per month. BabyFirstTV will also be available to preview for free beginning June 15 through July 11 as part of DISH Network's Preview Showroom on ch. 288.

"The monthly cost of BabyFirstTV is lower than the price of a single baby DVD, making BabyFirstTV a great value to our customers," said Eric Sahl, senior vice president of Programming for DISH Network. "Subscribers can get hundreds of hours of highquality programming at a fraction of the price of buying DVDs with similar content."

"We are delighted that DISH Network has incorporated BabyFirstTV in its lineup, allowing thousands of new households the opportunity to experience our rich, innovative programming" said Sharon Rechter, executive vice president, Business Development and Marketing and one of BabyFirstTV's founders. "Our market research indicates a demand for affordable, ageappropriate content for young children and their parents, and this agreement allows even more families to enjoy this unique offering."

BabyFirstTV programming features:

Awardwinning original content Eighty percent of BabyFirstTV programming is original and customized for infants and toddlers from six months to three years old, and features 43 original programs such as "Rainbow Horse," "Sandman" and "I Can Sign."

Awardwining baby DVD brands BabyFirstTV's programming includes popular baby DVDs such as Brainy Baby(TM), First Impressions(TM), So Smart(TM) and Baby Songs(TM).

Colorcoded programming guide The BabyFirstTV flower logo changes colors according the content of the programming being shown to help inform parents about the educational value of each program. For example, green for the Sensory Wonderland category, blue for the Numbers Parade category, etc.

Interactive subtitles for parents BabyFirstTV offers subtitles for parents to guide them on words and movements to use with the baby during the programs.

Multilayer content BabyFirstTV content is adaptable to the different levels of a baby's development, so children at various levels and age groups can focus on something different within the same program.