YAH*O! FIFA World Cup Site Attracts More Than 5 Million
Visitors Worldwide on Opening Day

ComScore Networks, the leader in digital media measurement, today released an analysis of visitation to the official World Cup site during the opening days of the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. On Friday, June 9, the opening day of the tournament, the official World Cup site hosted by yah*o! at h**p://Fifaw*rldcup.yah*o.c*m attracted more than 5 million unique visitors worldwide. Traffic to the site remained strong throughout the opening weekend, with average daily visitors through Sunday, June 11, surpassing 4.4 million. Additionally, comScore revealed that the site served more than 400,000 video streams on the opening day and averaged approximately 375,000 streams per day throughout the weekend.

The multi-language format of the site proved beneficial in attracting a global audience. comScore found that 57 percent of the page views that occurred during the opening weekend were from the English language section of the site. Of the non-English language content, the Spanish section proved the most popular, making up 14 percent of the page views; amounting to an average of more than 20 million page views per day. The Asian language content also drew significant traffic with 6 percent of the pages viewed in Japanese, 3 percent in Chinese and just one percent in Korean, combining for more than 18 million page views per day.

The BBC's online coverage of the tournament's opening days also proved popular. On the opening day the BBC World Cup site received more than one million visits worldwide, including more than 450,000 from the Internet users in UK.