Those of Annaba are luckiest, because they are the first to be profited from the version and the chart. Yesterday, 08.02.2005, it was enough for them to a short passage at the representative of one of the large boxes specialized in marketing to "numerical" in Annaba to join again with their passion of the small screen satellite size. Since yesterday thus, this resumption of contact with Canalsatellite (contact stopped since more than 2 years) is the subject of discussion of the majority of accustomed of this satellite with Canal+ and especially the most recent films diffused via the bouquet kiosk.
It acts of a new white chart. It does not comprise any inscription since created under a pirate version on a numerical terminal thanks to which is made possible the decoding of the totality of the programs of Canalsatellite. The latter passed in system Médiagard II were impossible to collect. The rush in the dealer of the box of production of the electronics and satellite components does not have the equal one. In only one day, it is more than 2000 charts which were already liquidated. The request is increasingly difficult to satisfy even by pouring the 13 000 DA representing the price of the decoding spread out over one year. Acting of hacking, it goes without saying this decoding is not guaranteed.
Except Echostar and Cherokee 7000, the compatibility of decoding realizable to all the other types of demonstrations is provided with a reader chart such Aston and Cherokee 9000. Compatible also with the demonstration with Matrix modules, Dragon and Magic. Sources close to this type of trade to numerical indicate that the Canalsatellite code could be violated by a Spanish hacker.
With the fact of the passion of the Algerians for this satellite, this last would have proposed its lucky find with various representatives of marks of production of numerical demodulators installed in the countries of North Africa, whose our interlocutor of Annaba in Algeria "This new program allows to decipher Canalsatellite. It is equipped with a speed of treatment better than that official. It runs out like rolls, so much so that all our stock became exhausted in a few hours.
At the time when I speak to you, I do not have of them any more only one of available whereas the request is done increasingly important ", affirmed the only agent of the pirate decoding of Canalsatellite installed with Annaba. It added: "the reading of the new program is under protection. The chip is systematically roasted with any attempt at tracking "On the side of the users, the smile indicates all happiness to find its favorite pastime even if, for some, it is synonymous with financial sacrifices.
Located at the downtown area, this agent is constrained to call upon assistances to contain the crowd of the applicants who present themselves with their demodulator, apparently impatient to be the been useful first, the rupture of stock having been announced. Until yesterday afternoon, the program and the chart were still available in only one agent to Annaba."