Hi folks
This is my first time here and a long time since i was playing with files and stuff.
So...after a few years in darkness, i was hoping to dust of my magiccam, titanim cards and MII cards.
What can i use today, and what files...i'm mostly interested in english language channels, or no dubbed channels with sport and movies.
I have Astra 19*, horbird 13*, Thor 1* and Sirius 5*...magiccam, astoncam (seca), conaxcam and a built in viasatcam in a Triax DVB 65.
Is it worthless, or can i still have som fun with this?
If worthless...what do you suggest i get that is more for now and the future?

Hope you can help me.
Best regards Roadrunner...who is preparing for England-Paraguay