A aparut S2emu v1.26

-Fix for NA providers post process of DCW's (all thanks goes to @Giver)
File Rom102.bin needed in folder where is S2emu.dll located.
Rom102.bin is Page0 dump of Rom102 from address 8000-FFFF.
Size of file is 32768 bytes.

-Reread of Softcam.key file if modified.
SC_ReadInterval in s2emu.ini specifies interval in seconds to check file.
(SC_ReadInterval=2 for checking every 2 seconds)

-Fix for timeout on empty filters (now not working if AutoECM is off)

-More space for AES keys"

Download: http://upload.dvhk.pl/content.php?id=65386

Thanks Mars1 !

rom102.zip aici: http://gyik.ws/