FIFA plan pc-solution to own goal dilemma

FIFA will be using computer technology to clarify whether a goal is an own goal or not for the first time when the World Cup starts on Friday.

Holger Osieck, the head of FIFA's technical study group, told reporters on Thursday that for the first time all 13 members would see detailed technical images of any dubious goals downloaded to their laptops.

A verdict from the group would then be made as soon as possible.

"Previous tournaments have been dotted with decisions about what constitutes an own goal which appeared to lack clear guidelines," he told a news conference.

"On the basis of fairness and positive approach the benefit of the doubt should always be given to the attacker."

Andy Roxburgh, UEFA's technical director and a member of the FIFA technical group added: "No matter where a member is in Germany, he will get images of the goal on his laptop and the decision will be made by the whole group as soon as possible.

"If a goal has been awarded wrongly, the decision will be rectified by the next day at the latest."