It is interesting to follow "the call to arms" these days in the Underground community as the World Cup creates furour and has maybe, finally, caused Digital+ to react. There is talk of 300,000 users watching illegally, but the truth is that an extra "0" should be added to the right of that figure.

With only a few days left for the start of the World Cup in Germany, those responsable for "antipiracy" has pressed the off button. On the night of 5th June the task of updating subscriber's viewing cards to a new revision RC3 was completed. Even though it took days to update this revision, it is true to say that many users were left by the wayside, retaining Revision AC1. From this point things could change significantly.

Since the said "button" was pushed, the changes to the IdeaKey have been continuous. Some users speak of changes every 2 hours, but most likely they are daily changes - late evening or mid morning. This causes the websites and forums that deal with these topics toc olapse under the strain. The cited Uploads consist of "bouquets", as they are called in the community, and they expire soon after being made public. But then a new Key is brute force extracted from the SmartCard using Unloader. And this process is repeated daily until, once again, the "dark side" reveals Autoroll.

For the neophytes, this term means not having to enter the "daily" keys using the remote control. And to complicate matters, the dam Autoroll is only available on a popular receiver and yet again they are the first to achieve this! A dangerous game in the face of a police investigation.

So the war continues, this time round disabling the famous Autoroll feature. Now with the Rev AC3 update and the Autoroll "down", all signs point to the next IdeaKey change being the definitive killer blow to the piracy of their system.

In any case War is declared, and Digital+ and "the other platforms that use the Nagra 2 encryption system" want to protect their transmissions now that the World Cup in Germany is about to start. It should be noted that La Sexta and Canal+ are on this platform. Between them these two channels will air every World Cup match. It's amazing to see the interest that this sport of kings, football, generates! Meanwhile the war continues with frequent IdeaKey changes, updating original viewing cards and adding new executable code to these cards. But is it a desperate or a brute-force approach? For the moment both sides are equally matched, tommorow we'll see where the balance shifts...