Is he necessary to be delighted or, on the contrary, to regret it? The "cryptographes" of Derb"Ghallef came to end from the codes which scramble the diffusion of the chains of numerical television" ART "," Al Jazeera Sport "and" Canal Plus ".
The fans of football, who believed themselves deprived of World cup, certainly will appreciate the fact of reaching their spectacle preferred at an accessible price. After all, it is "ART" which placed the bar too high by claiming nine million dollars at the two Moroccan public chains to be able to retransmit matches World cup of football. It is ART which acquired the monopoly of these retransmissions at the FIFA, and, as a private operator, seeks to benefit from this advisability to garner the maximum of profit, it does not matter if the Arab fans of football view or not these matches.
If their countries cannot pay for them, they have only to do it themselves. Moreover, the number of sold decoders "ART" lately, since the televiewers learned that it was the only chain which was going to diffuse the matches with accompanying notes in Arabic, increased by 300 %. But it was necessary that the pirate "cryptographes" of Derb Ghallef mix with the part and transform the dreams of large profits of ART into mirages.
Thanks to a data-processing program, that the "experts" of Derb Ghallef obtained on the Web, the hacking will extend the number of the spectators of the matches of World cup and will restrict the benefit of "art". The company which markets in Morocco the decoders of "ART" prevented the seat of what is currently held in Derb Ghallef, and it is certain that ART will make pressure on the Moroccan authorities to suppress the hacking. It is necessary, however, to keep in memory the disappointment of "Canal Plus", which, after having resisted a long time the attacks of the pirates of Derb Ghallef ended up throwing sponge and leaving the country.
To the last parvenu of Sillicon Valley abstract of Morocco, Derb Ghallef, the codes of encoding of the chains "Canal Plus", a long time unbreakable news, come to be forced!