Entone Technologies, the world’s most deployed IPTV VOD solution provider and the only deployed IP Video Gateway provider, launched its next generation of high-definition (HD) Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE) products that enable service operators to reliably and economically deploy IPTV services. Entone’s new product family builds on the company’s award-winning and patent-pending Hydra™ IP video gateway design. Family members include:

*Hydra HD – an IP video gateway that provides three streams of fully interactive IPTV services and reuses existing coax networks for video redistribution;

*Magi™ HD – an IPTV receiver that supports IP over Ethernet, IP over coax, QAM and ATSC delivery for HD and standard-definition (SD) programming; and

*Amulet™ HD – a compact and cost-effective single stream IPTV receiver.
Entone’s new product family members support both SD and HD signals, including 720p, 1080i, and 1080p HD formats and 480i and 480p SD formats. The units support common compression formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (H.264), and VC-1.

Hydra HD and Magi HD provide an integrated HomePNA 3.0 interface for high-speed IP service over existing in-home coax and phone lines. They also include an integrated ATSC tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcast. Magi HD includes a built-in QAM tuner to decode signals from cable TV providers. The products support HDMI outputs with HDCP protection for digital video and Dolby Digital output for multi-channel audio systems.

“Entone’s HD product family is part of our overall connected home strategy that focuses on removing the need for new home wiring and a set-top box at each TV,” said Steve McKay, CEO of Entone Technologies. “More than 20 US service operators have selected Entone’s Hydra IP video gateway due to the dramatic cost savings this approach offers. We are excited to build on this success with our HD product family which we have designed in close collaboration with our customers.”

Entone is the only company in the industry that has brought an IP Video Gateway to market. Interoperability with leading technology partners is a core part of the Entone CPE offering. Entone’s HD CPE products will be compatible with middleware from Microsoft TV, Minerva, and Myrio, as well as digital rights management software from ******, Latens, N*S, Verimatrix, and Widevine.