Dutch commercial radio station RTL FM, which has been told by the Minister of Economic Affairs that it must close on 8 July and hand its licence to 100%NL, has lodged an appeal to be allowed to stay on the air after 8 July. The request will be considered at a hearing at 10:00 Dutch time on 22 June.

This appears to be a delaying tactic, and although the decision will be binding, even if RTL FM loses it could ask for "full proceedings" which could take up to a year. Losing this "full proceedings" case would be the end of the matter legally. But it's unlikely that RTL FM will want a whole year of uncertainty any more than 100%NL, which is waiting to take over.

There's a growing body of opinion here that suggests a creative solution would be for extra frequencies to be found to allow both stations to operate. But whether that's feasible without disrupting other existing services is the question.