My International friends developers
We hare in a very bad situation in Portugal, never seen so far.

At the moment whit the change of nagra2 keys, some call experts are putting the new keys in some firmware of some brands that they like to sell, and they use a method off encriptation of the keys in the firmware . This situation dont let us, normal ppl, to find them, and we have to await that some one that dont have any kind of interest to appear and show as the keys.

I also have found that there is also others interest, the selling off mosc cards (original changed) and this one are afraid of some kind of attack that could stop their cards to work.
If they can now do this, is because some one without any kind of interest have teach them.
In The neighbour Spain this situation dont happen we have always the keys to use in the fta receivers.

For what I now, they are using de log process to capture and find the keys for themselves.

We dont agree with this, do you?, can you help us ?

I ask help to all the satellite community to help us solve this and to fight this situation by continuing show the keys to all the person that cant afford to pay subscriptions or afford to pay to this bad people.

In my opinion this should be to everybody or nobody.

If you need something else let us now

In the name of some people of the Portuguese satellite community
Our thanks