Zone Vision Networks has added another offering to its bouquet of channels, with plans to launch Zone Fantasy, focusing on horror, fantasy adventure and science fiction, in Italy on SKY Italia.

Aimed at the 16 to 45 set, the 24-hour network will program adventure, action, science fiction and suspense programming during the day, with horror movies and series at night. Titles confirmed so far include Night of the Living Dead; Hills Have Eyes II, the 1985 Wes Craven sequel to the original 1977 movie; Heaven’s Burning starring Russell Crowe; the fantasy series The Highlander and Around the World in 80 Days starring Pierce Brosnan.

“The channel has been designed to exactly fit the potential audience,” commented Tanya Gugenheim, the chief business development and new media officer at Zone Vision Networks. “Working this way with a carrier such as SKY Italia means that we can really schedule our programming to work in the most advantageous way for viewers and advertisers alike. We look forward to developing more bespoke channels in other parts of the world."

Kathryn Fink, the director of programming at SKY Italia, added, “Fantasy will enrich a very wide and continuously evolving TV offering. Entertainment is one of the most crucial elements for the development of our platform. A channel like Fantasy, with its exclusive world of horror, sci-fi, magic and adventure, satisfies that ever increasing share of viewers fond of this genre.”