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    Default newbie questions, so please forgive ignorance

    I'm in Turkey, and have 2 sats one pointed to hotbird the other turksat.

    I'm new to sats so please forgive my ignorance and silly questions!

    My decoder is a NEXT YE-2000X CI PLUS.
    The STB Information screen its empty.
    On the Data Transfer Screen, the loader version is: 02.oi and the master version is: INF505a051905.

    I have "heard" that this is the same as the starsat 200ci , is this correct ?

    I am after an english manual, any ideas if one is available on the net ?

    How do I enter codes or unlock certain channels ? I have locked multivision, discovery, filmnet2 etc etc.

    What cable do I need, s/w etc I have read and read but it all asumes that you understand all this i.e no newbie type faqs.

    Many thanks

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    I dont know your reciever. but if you are confident that this is the same reciever then try updating the cracked firmware from starsat codes site.
    and if you are lucky it might work.
    and it might not work .
    Dont blame anyone for ur experiment if it goes wrong . responsibility will lie on u

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    @ jonndoe45

    It is my sincere advice that you keep a backup of your original software, or preferably its flash dump. Then you can experiment with your receiver the way you want. If you are not satisfied with your experiments, you can always go back to your original setup.

    If your experiments fail, and you don't have the required backup, then your receiver metamorphoses into a , well as some like to call it, an expensive door stopper.



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