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    Default Diferenta DiSEqC 1.0 1.1 2.0

    Vreau sa-mi cumpar un switch DiSEqC pentru 2 lnb-uri si nu stiu ce-mi trebuie.
    Am vazut ca sunt switch-uri DiSEqC 1.0, 2.0 care este diferenta dintre ele?
    Receiverul Echolite DSB 790 ce fel de DiSEqC suporta

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    Daca stii putina engleza ....

    DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) is a special communication protocol for use between a satellite receiver and a device such as a multi-dish switch or a small dish antenna rotor. It is compatible with the actuators used to rotate large C band dishes if used with a DiSEqC positioner. It relies only on the coaxial cable to transmit both bidirectional data/signals and power.

    DiSEqC is commonly used to control multi switches and claims to be more flexible than 13/18 volt and 22 kHz tone or ToneBurst/MiniDiSEqC techniques. Despite its name, it has been used on fully analogue or only partially digital-capable (Astra Digital Radio) satellite receivers.

    A number of variations of DiSEqC exist:

    DiSEqC 1.0, which allows switching between up to 4 satellite sources
    DiSEqC 1.1, which allows switching between up to 16 sources
    DiSEqC 1.2, which allows switching between up to 16 sources, and control of a simple horizontal-panning satellite motor
    DiSEqC 2.0, which adds bi-directional communications to DiSEqC 1.2
    All four variations were standarised by February 1998, prior to general use of digital satellite television. They are all back compatible - a DiSEqC 2.0 receiver can control a 1.0 switch; but a 1.0 receiver cannot control motorised features.

    The terms DiSEqC 1.3 and 2.3 are often used by manufacturers and retailers to refer to other protocols (1.3 usually refers to USALS receivers), but these uses are not authorised by Eutelsat, the developers of the system, who now act as the protocol standards agency.

    Eutelsat apparently developed the system to allow satellite users in Continental Europe to switch between the more popular SES Astra 1 block of satellites and Eutelsat's own Hotbird system. As a result, the vast majority of European satellite receivers support at least DiSEqC 1.2, with the notable exception of the Sky Digibox, an extremely popular DVB-S receiver. Most supporting receivers have received certification to carry a logo specifying which variation of DiSEqC they support.

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    @********* merci pentru raspuns.
    Mai repede de cat imi inchipuiam

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    Default ********* entiende esto

    Porque todo tiene que ser en ingles .Ponlo en espanol si puedes.Si no puedes ver que hay una seccion que se llama English pon tu post alli i asi la jente que habla ingles lo va a leer.
    Romaneste ca suntem romani

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    Sa inteleg ca daca Aburel a pus o intrebare aici, Blana trebuia sa-i raspunda in sectiunea engleza? Iar ca sa si traduci in romana, cred ca este prea mult, cel ce primeste raspunsul poate s-o faca, daca este interesat.

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    "DiSEqC 1.2, which allows switching between up to 16 sources, and control of a simple horizontal-panning satellite motor"

    sunt foarte putine receiverurile care au prevazut diseqc 1.1, cele mai multe au 1.0 si 1.2, iar cele mai noi au si 2.1, etc.

    o intrebare legat de diseqc 1.2 - desi merge pana la 16 sateliti, totusi in meniu apar doar 4 LNB-uri, plus inca doua variante neintelese de mine.

    cum se face sa ai intradevar aceasta optiune pentru 6, 8, 12 LNB-uri macar daca nu pentru 16 LNB-uri?

    vreo schema pe undeva?

    la ce foloseste comutarea de 0V si 12V ?

    va multumesc

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    multumesc pentru information



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