This Pay TV theme seems to crop up now and´s the latest taken off a Dutch media site:

EC will work towards "TV without borders" in Europe
The European Commission has replied to a question from Dutch Labour Party MEP Max van den Berg by confirming that it will take steps to make it possible for expatriates of EU member states to receive TV programmes from their own countries even if they are living in another EU member state. Van den Berg has been taking up the case of Dutch people living just 100 metres over the German border who have been unable to obtain decoders and smart cards to watch Dutch channels on satellite unless they have a postal address in the Netherlands.

Van den Berg points out that the concept of "Europe Without Borders" means people should be free to live and work anywhere in the EU without restrictions. The EC is in agreement with this. In its answer, the Commission points out that there are legal obstacles to be overcome, but has promised to do its best to make it possible for European citizens to watch programmes from anywhere in the EU.

Makes interesting reading although this has been around for some time. I´m sure there would be a number of ex-pats who would if they could legaly subscribe to their counties "Pay TV" channels to receive a un-interupted service without the present pirate cat and mouse game!