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    Default problema flashuire dbox2

    la incercarea de a pune cu flash without bootlader o imagine pe el a murit in timp ce facea flash erase. ma tot chinui cu dbox2 flash image assistent si primesc mesajele urmatoare
    >debug: DDF: Calibrating delay loop... debug: DDF: 67.79 BogoMIPS
    debug: BMon V1.0 mID 01
    debug: feID dd gtxID 0b
    debug: fpID 5a dsID
    debug: HWrev X5 SWrev 0.81
    debug: B/Ex/Fl(MB) 32/00/08
    WATCHDOG reset enabled
    debug: &_text 0x10000, &_etext 0x26160, &_data 0x26160, &_edata 0x29c50
    debug: &_end 0x347dc, &__stack 0x400000
    debug: Memory tests (0x400000 -- 0x2000000)
    debug: NumberTest: debug: passed
    debug: MarchTest: debug: passed
    debug: PermTest: debug: passed
    dbox2:root> boot net
    BOOTP/TFTP bootstrap loader (v0.3)
    debug: Transmitting BOOTP request via broadcast
    debug: Given up BOOTP/TFTP boot
    boot net failed
    boot: elfcopy failed: 16
    dbox la pc e legat si cu cablu de retea crossover si cu cablu nullmodem.
    ma poate ajuta cineva sa il readuc la viata?
    Offset 1.2 Al + HH Strong2100; SS2 ; DM 500S; Nokia Dbox2 2*I; Offset 0.9 DigiTV 2 x HSS-1160NA; clona 800HD, Yamaha TDM850.

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    Vezi ca multe imagini nu merg cu imageflascher incearca cu bootloader.

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    Incearca astA:

    1. scoate boxul din priza,
    2. porneste Dbox2Bootmanger --> Utilities --> Image Flash
    3. Alege Imageul --> OK --> Letzte Warnung --> OK
    4. Zine apasat butonul cu sageata in sus pe receiver si bagal in priza.
    5. Zi apasat asa vreo 5 Secunde.
    6. In Bootmanager --> Comterminal --> scri " boot net " (fara apostrof) numai boot net pe tastarura si Return.

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    Renumeste imaginea in 13.img



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