All Eutelsat W3A at 7.0E
You need to connect your Hummy to the Computer
using these 2 prog : HSIC3.00 & servers.exe
Without the need to connect to the internet - this is not sharing

First : Humax setting must be at card+s+emu
sharing protocol mode : HSIC

Second: HSIC3.00 "client 3.00" must connect to humax using the appropriate com port -
prog settings: server IP/name: ____ "leave it blank"
server port: 20248
user name: Humax5400 pass: HSIC
Protocol: UDP
Local IP: ____ "leave it blank"
client port: 8003

Third : Double click on "servers.exe"

Note You must use camd 3.856 "Cryptoworks Keys Inside"
this is temporarly way till the release of new Emu with keys inside