Dear Gurus,
I have a Dynasat IRD-7100 with one card slot. Serial number is 041207585. I paid 89,000/- Kyats for this (same as about 3500 Baht). I checked on the website, and it does seem to be genuine. But it's cheaper than the price posted there. So how can I be really sure than mine is the real thing. I bought this box around July 2005, but when I checked out the software version it shows as " 7.5.232". Does this means that the software version is L232? I want to upgrade, mainly because the input code allows for only a single code and no more. I want to get Dre**TV working. I am located at the southern most end of Burma/Myanmar.

Another quetion is this coverage of Dre**mTV. It seems us in Yangon just can't get Dre**TV. However those centrally located in Mandalay (that's central Burma) can get it just fine. What gives? Well whatever it is I am now off to buy some cables and going to upgrade incrementally to L312, L314, L319 and L328 as posted on Will post my experience here.