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Hello everybody ,good morning.This was what i read a few minuts a go in one diferent site,i 'm sorry for my translation,i hope you understand ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Attention that this cannot correspond the truth therefore does not pass from a viewpoint of alguem that understands a little and based itself in facts of research and understanding. ...

Day Situation point 07/05/2006

Good, Here they stayed you finalize them news about the advancements made regarding the atakes of the kaka.. Passes-itself the following one to kaka in these ultimos atakes brought up to date to rev. of the ROM at least 3 times,, two of them I obtained itself dumpar the rom and verify the alterations created by the updating .... we were capable of create firmware and have access the k*ys therefore this time still was not obtained because this ascent of rev. was thought of sanding the life to the personnels They are not going to do a log complete of the same one.. They are voçes it think what is a Dump and rom etc. ..the explanation. A Dump is a log complete with the alterations created in the ROM (c*rd) during the ascent of revision. Therefore this obtains be done with an unloper inserting there the original c*rd kabo and by his time the unloper links itself to the pc and deco and in this way we obtain to have access to everything by example k*ys. ... But for this function saints precissos programs and scripts previously alone deeds that for already itself nothing obtains therefore the scripts not read the rom. Therefore I know that exists personnels it sell cards already with kabo this is obtained dumpar to new rev. Alone that this personnels want between 100 to 400 euros by those cards, therefore do not I advise to know one it buy because when exist news rev of rom those cartoes do not go to function and itself will want for the give once again should pay to the brute that sold him more a kite of batter,, and think that voçe even can do that forget therefore the stuff for It does is him very costly and dificil of arrange and already for do not speak in the trial that is a lot complicated. ... Now already it exists very main those yes we be able to call masters therefore want nothing in change it work for obtain dumpar and sooner or later obtains itself therefore exists many communities by the world outside it try does him (Portugal,German,Spain;Françe....Etc...)

Now already they know when itself obtain to have that dump I own and with help of the Main one Zebedeu that is admin in a forum very known. .. soon here the new one firmware for FTE itself necessary is going to create firmware therefore exists very main it work in FTE and when less we expect is ah the solution after that we pass for the remainder of the marks itself those still will not have solution.

But they be not concerned already was more distant the solution, by that await you report ours for short..

These they are the reviser made: ROM110 REVA01---Totally Dump ROM110 REVA02---Totally Dump Rom110
RevAC1--- Rumors

Here it stayed a cadges complete this is a Dump ROM110 REVA01 can click here for download and give a look to what is a dump..


Day Situation point 09/05/2006

Already itself obtained to carry out to dump complete Rom110 RevAC1 therefore in the forums of underground where does itself study to grave so much here in Portugal as in Spain.. Already is commented that some users has to dump open now alone should lack short time for that that dump be of public knowledge. ..

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