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    Default UNIVERSAL LNBF - Ku-Band Query

    Hi Friends

    I'm new to satellite systems having little knowledge.

    In near future I want to buy a DTH system for my home. I want to buy a set top box from HUMAX(D1100S) and 90 cm Ku-Band dish and a Ku-Band LNBF which can simultanenously receive both polarisation (Horizontal and Vertical) signals.

    So what should be the type of Ku-Band LNBF for my requirement so that I can receive both polarised signals simulatneously ? Someone told me go for Univarsal LNBF. But till now I'm not understood what is mean by UNIVERSAL LNBF ? If it the type of LNBF that I'm looking for ?

    Is there any difference between C-Band and Ku-Band dish (not LNBF) ? If so then what ? I saw a 8 feet aluminium pore (like a net, rough surface, white) dish which is currently used for C-Band signals. Can that dish be able to receive Ku-Band signals ?

    Again I saw some thereds publishing Keys for encrypted signals. How can I use those Keys to decrypt the signals ? What Hardware required for that ? Is it possible for the broadcaster to track me if I'll use their signals by taking the keys from here ?

    Some Set Top Box comes with built in decryption modules. Will it be usefull while buying the Set Top Box ?

    Plz help me

    Thanx in adv.

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    Universal lnbf means it receives whole Ku band freq... ,you need not required separate lnbf for receiving lnb low and high freq.. ,and it receives both H&V signals. For V 13 volt & H 18 volt swithing option is their. When you are entering freq... , please follow the freq.., chart carefully because in polarisation column in the receiver you enter correct pol..,anothervise receiver cannot receive signal on perticular freq..,
    Better purchase branded lnbf one with low noise temp... , because noise temp.. , is more signal receiving strength is low.

    Regarding dish antennas there are different types.As you mentioned in the question , in C band mesh antenna it is possible to receive the Ku band signal but the hole in the mesh should not large,Ku signal should be strong enough.In fiber and solid C band dish antenna it is easy to receive signals compare to mesh dish antenna.
    Offset dish antenna or offset feed it is commonly called Ku band dish.The offset focus configaration is used for small dishes designed for use with medium to high power semi-DBS and DBS(direct broadcast service) satellite operating in Ku and Ka bands. It is really a section cut out of a much larger parabola. The main advantages are that the head unit is out of the way of incoming signals, so it wont block the signal.It is quite difficult to install,the actual elevation setting of the dish itself is reduced the angle of offset.
    Regarding receivers i dont have embeded or CI slot receivers i have only FTA receivers .our RDI friends may help you on this question

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    Our friend is correct in his answer, except to say, that Off-set dishes where originaly designed for cold weather area's of the world and due to the angle of the dish, Snow would not collect on the dish, and cause damage, due to the weight of the snow.. Off-set dishes are the norm in some scandenavian countries also Alaska and Canada. It is not unuasal to see 3 meter solid C-band off-set dishes, some of which are also heated .[/img]
    regards from OZ bassett



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