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Thread: C*fra +??????

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    Default C*fra +??????

    C*fra + is working with constant DW now

    These Channels are working right now
    W 0100:000065:12C2:03EA:05DE::2A1BCF143913ACF8E8DA2A EC4FCE4865 ;Canal+Film
    W 0100:000065:12C9:03F1:05E5::88D389E4F44F1558F15B19 6530B0B595 ;Canal+Sport
    W 0100:000065:12C5:03ED:05E1::0FD2F9DA3D598218C19AAF 0A4654C35D ;Alekino
    W 0100:000065:113B:03F3:064B:E7758AD0CE2604E44679B460370B629 ;AXN
    W 0100:000065:1138:03F0:0648::207CAA469818A6565663CD 866357BA74 ;Club
    W 0100:000065:12CC:03F4:05E8::4AC6BFCF3CDC3E5614BB40 0FD7D8A251 ;Cnn
    W 0100:000065:1132:03EA:0642::AB292AFE115188EA9D1405 B618CA6648 ;Discovery
    W 0100:000065:1135:03ED:0645::27C119011EA76D320A3490 CE9A0D16BD ;Eurosport2
    W 0100:000065:1139:03F1:0649::C5B934B23676CB77A74F24 1A098E26BD ;ExtremeSport
    W 0100:000065:12C4:03EC:05E0::93C8AE099F5730261D0D02 2C0224CFF5 ;Info+
    W 0100:000065:12C3:03EB:05DF::8776928F6BE98EE256FB9B EC85B3E31B ;Jetix
    W 0100:000065:1137:03EF:0647::60768A60D219291407A651 FE56A80A08 ;Minimini
    W 0100:000065:1136:03EE:0646::884BF8CB1327A4DE389705 D4AEE3A031 ;Planete
    W 0100:000065:1133:03EB:0643::354CAB2CD60EF8DC8BC529 793A8D5017 ;Tv4
    W 0100:000065:12C7:03EF:05E3:D742E7F25ACAE7FA85F232A6C0686F8 ;Tvp1
    W 0100:000065:12C8:03F0:05E4::B7E70FAD154AA201031BED 0B7D5C7D56 ;Tvp2
    W 0100:000065:12C6:03EE:05E2::1B1EF62FAE50DAD8937EAD BE9F6C0B16 ;Zipzag

    Poate sa confirme cineva sau ii o momeala aruncata la peshti?
    Athlon64 3000+(2400 Mhz), 1Gb DDr Twinmos @ 400 Mhz, ASUS nforce3 , Radeon 9550 GE, SS2 rev 2.3, offset 1,1 ( 19,2E+ 13E )

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    Cum se baga key?

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    Copy/paste in C_DW din VPlug...
    Oamenii se nasc si mor, fara ca macar sa aibe idee unde se afla cu adevarat si care e sensul existentei.

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    Yesterday Cyfra+ had a problem with codec and use constant cw.Hackers upload new emu software with working all Canal+ and TVP channels.Today operator fix error and all emu don't work.
    SS3(TT Buget S1102)=1.2m (4W+5E+13E)



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