I've got an old polytron feed which i belived an international feed. It's got like 2 plate inside it which the plate hold on in the wall 45 deg to lnb holder. it's also got fix scallar ring and a polatarator too. ( maybe likely the same operate with adl feed). How to adjust this feed? Does the plate inside it parallel with dish axis. or 45 deg to axis. I've tried 45 deg, but i can't get v h pol. but if parallel with axis i've got linear ( not as good as cheap china lnb) with reduce in circullar.

Help please. Or it must crossing with axis?

I am using a secondhand gardiner 20 k lnb with broken plastic body broken, it seems not too much diferent with drake 60 k. Is it normal or shall returned it? Does the broken body will effect the performance?

Which one is better gardiner 20k or 25 k? the 25 k seems got metal body.

Thanks in advance. Please help.