- Support for an alternate Remote Control ( new ):
On DaVinci 5.5 you can select the keymapping for "Philips Pronto" or another compatible programmable remote control.
This is an absolutely innovative option, never seen on any other image before

- ECM Display on OSD:
Yellow, if encrypion is present (emm)
Green, if it is used for decoding (ecm)

- Decoding source display on OSD (card / emu / network)

- Added Betacrypt to known encryptions icons, displayed on OSD for ecm and emm

- Camd3:
added caInfo as default item when SDT Advanced Infos window displays.

- Gbox:
added SC item on SDT Advanced Infos window, displays full infos on inserted sc.

- Skins:
Added latest Mimi "Anim 5.5" compact/extended 4:3/16:9, and Eagle's Megalight 1.2

- Locales:
Added updated Italian and French translations

- A/V Settings shortcut:
Added very useful shortcut to "Audio/Video Setup" window in BOSS Panel's "Extra Setup" (3x Blue Key)

- EPG Wizard:
updated default download channel to "SKY Assist"