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    Default Ecryption Abreviations

    For Information only
    Abriviations used in satelite world for different Ecrytion system

    ACGA AccessGate
    BCNV Betacrypt/Nagravision
    BCRT Betacrypt
    COCN Conax/Cryptoworks/Nagravision
    COCR Conax/Cryptoworks
    COMG Conax/Mediaguard
    CONV Conax/Nagravision
    CONX Conax
    CRYW Cryptoworks
    CWVA Cryptoworks/Viaccess
    DMV_ DMV
    DRMC DreamCrypt
    IRCW ******/Cryptoworks
    IRDT ******
    IRKF ******/KeyFly
    IRMG ******/Mediaguard
    IRNV ******/Nagravision
    IRVG ******/Videoguard
    MCV_ Mediaguard/Cryptoworks/Viaccess
    MCVI Mediaguard/Cryptoworks/Viaccess/******
    MDS_ MDS
    MGCW Mediaguard/Cryptoworks
    MGIV Mediaguard/******/Videoguard
    MGRD Mediaguard
    MGVC Mediaguard/Videoguard/Cryptoworks
    MGVG Mediaguard/Videoguard
    MGVI Mediaguard/Viaccess/******
    NAGV Nagravision
    NTL2 NTL 2000
    POVU PowerVu
    PVU+ PowerVu+
    RAS_ RAS
    SKYC Skycrypt
    TASC Tadiran Scopus
    VC2+ VC2+
    VCIR Viaccess/******
    VCON Viaccess/Conax
    VGRD Videoguard
    VIC_ Viaccess/******/Cryptoworks
    VICS Viaccess
    VIMG Viaccess/Mediaguard
    VINA Viaccess/Nagrvision
    VIVG Viaccess/Videoguard
    WGNR Wegener

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    This shows the encryption method(s) in use by the channel.
    Encrypted channels are deliberately scrambled, so that a special decryption device is needed to watch - or listen - to programming. In analogue technology, encrypting a television channel is mostly done by putting the video lines into a different order.
    Digital transmissions can be encrypted in a wide variety of ways. Usually, a special card (similar in size to a credit card) has to be inserted into a satellite receiver, often in conjunction with a Conditional Access Module (CAM). This card contains the code to decrypt signal.
    Those cards are only available from the programmer, in most cases at a price (pay-tv). In some cases the cards are available free to certain citizens only, to restrict an otherwise free channel's availability to certain geographical areas.



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