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    Default Dr. DivX 2.0.0 beta 10

    Dr. DivX is an all-in-one video creation package that lets you create DivX video from any source right on your computer in just 3 easy steps. At this time, Dr. DivX is available in an English language version only. Dr. DivX was designed to let anyone from the widest eyed newbie to the most grizzled expert create high-quality DivX video from any source in just 3 easy steps. Just choose your video, select your settings and click encode. Once encoded into DivX video, you can store entire video libraries on your hard drive without gobbling up precious storage space.

    Now you can post your video online, burn it to a CD or email it to your friends. And, with a DivX Certified DVD player, you can watch your DivX movies right on your living room TV.

    New Vesion
    Version 2.0.0 beta 10

    * What's new

    o Change the way advanced audio selection is done
    o Make the Survey Opt-Out
    o New options to set the ouptut resolutions (auto, fixed width, fixed size)
    o Reduce the aspect ratio error range (3.5% to 1.5%)
    o Add progress reporting for divx mux stage (Muxing of big files takes really long)
    o Add support for LockedAutoResize and AutoCrop modes in custom profiles
    o Add a global application-wide preference for width and height modulo factor used for calculating resolutions
    * What's Fixed
    o Fix a crash when selecting a custom profile and going to advanced properties
    o Enable log messages during Preferences query of DrFFMPEG
    o Don't reuse a job pointer when the job has been deleted (occasional crash when removing jobs)
    o Improve seeking in the preview for various formats
    o Use double digits for jobs names so that the order is kept intact in case of a crash
    o Don't display the decoded frame in the preview when the whole image is cropped
    o Store all metadata in UTF8 in the job (otherwise the job cannot be read back)
    o Make all threads use the same priority to avoid blocking one in favor or the other
    o Make sure the input and output folders of a Watched Folder are different
    o Parse IFO filenames even if they include a prefix or suffix (partially fixes #1444296)
    o The VideoPreview now release the input file lock (fixes #1442569)
    o Protect avcodec_open and avcodec_close as they don't seem to be reentrant
    o Display the graph of video frames for quality-based encoding
    o Detect audio delay correctly for VOBs whose the first picture's temporal sequence number is not equal to 0
    o Constrain-to-file-size based custom profile respects the file size property
    o Detect audio delay for non-AVI input file containers only
    o Seeking by file offset used in analysis instead of time-stamp to work-around pts bugs in MPEG files
    * DrFFMPEG
    o Fixes for RV10 decoding
    o Add channel down-mixing in DirectShow (you can leave your AC3 decoder to 5.1 output now)
    o Improve seeking in ASF/WMV/DVR-MS
    o Fixes for Cinepak keyframe indication
    o Scan sections of the file to detect all audio and subtitle tracks

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    Default 1

    de cand il astept are si key**n?

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