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    Default help!! idiots guide to biss

    hi i need help on biss particulalry de-scrambling red light italia

    now i punch in the keys but nothing happens, i punched in the bis keys for zee tv and it worked fine, but there is a problem with red light italia,

    now starting from scratch where do i type in the red-light italia key indents and id provider codes, and also where do i find these codes
    after typing in the indent provider will the biss key i use work.

    i have a technomate 1000d with the lastest darkman patch, i can do the cass stuff without problems but biss is a bugger, all help much appreciated, and by the way anyone have codes for polsat yet?

    cheers fellas

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    no polsat as of yet. BISS keys are temporary in nature since they are used as service keys to troubleshoot, if needed, errant subscription details. now, as for red light italia, they are changing keys almost every 30 minutes and nobody has bothered to make an AU for it, or the key posters are simply busy with their personal lives that they cannot make it available everytime there is a key change that's why you cannot view the channel with the keys posted as it expires almost immediately. c'mon... we do have other things to do other than watching key changes every day.
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