The world-wide third biggest satellite company Eutelsat aims at the assumption of the Spanish satellite company Hispasat. "if there a possibility is to take over with Hispasat the majority we these will use", said Eutelsat CEO Giuliano Berretta. In industry circles the BBVA SA and the portable radio operator Auna applies as saleswilling. They hold together 29% by Hispasat. Eutelsat is already now with scarcely 28% the largest shareholder with the Spanish satellite operator Hispasat, which has a strong position particularly in Latin America.

Still there are political reservations against a majority assumption. "we are in discussions with the Spanish government, thereby we the majority with Hispasat to take over may", said Berretta. The policy obviously makes pressure on the Spanish shareholders not to sell to the Frenchmen. The Spanish government has safety political reservations in relation to an owner change with Hispasat, because the enterprise controls a daughter, who is specialized in the military use of satellites.

In contrast to the competitor SES Zukaeufe do not however only count global, which took over those months ago new Skies, for Eutelsat. "we do not have an ambition, the world-wide number one to become", said Berretta. "for us the profit increase is the center of attention."