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Thread: polsat

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    Default polsat

    if anybody can understand polish language info on polish

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    26 kwietnia do południa zmieniono klucz IDEA 86 (00) dla części kanałów Cyfrowego Polsatu, czego wynikiem było zakończenie pirackiego odbioru MTV Polska, TVN, Club i kilku inncyh. W nocy z 26 na 27 kwietnia, po 2:00 na nowy klucz przełączono pozostałe kanały platformy, blokując tym samym cakowicie piracki dostęp do Cyfrowego Polsatu

    26 of April before 12:00 the IDEA 86(00) key for part of Polsat channels had been changed, that prevent illeegal watching of the channels of MTV polska, TVN, Club and etc. At night from 26 to 27 of April at 2:00 on the new key was set for all channels. That prevent illegal viewing of Cyfwovy Polsat.

    Do you know what goes on ? I say:
    The polsat changed cards with ROM10 to new cards with ROM11 !
    All the old signatures of our EEPROMs in our emulators, and of course keys, - are not actual now !
    I don't know how it possible to watch polsat in future, because I heard that in new cards of Polsat fixed all bugs of old cards, and you can't read keys and firmwares from them.

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    we'l just have to hope



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