Year 2003 I brought these receivers Besat 5400 & Humace skyci2003 from K.S.A. which has the same software on it. But that time there was no available autoupdate software yet, we need to manually input the code to open the DRE_M channels. Now I'm on my third week of my one month vacation in the Phils. and still cannot upgrade the new autoupdate software. .I followed all the procedures I learned from this forum and in other forums and I know my RS232 cable is ok because I just upgraded the BESAT 5500
that I brought with me for my friend succesfully.
The problem is when i click start, and put power on the STB, the STB doesn't count, only time shows and in the PC no answer. I tried to reset to factory default setting still no help. When I checked SW version --Slovak upload written. Now, do I need to Jtag these two STBs? Is there any shop in Phils who knows how to fix these STBs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.