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    Default how To run digital reciever on internal tv card on pc

    I have msi internal tv card and i dont know how to run digital reciever on my pc

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    if u want to connect a digital receiver to the tv card, then simply take the video out of ur digital receiver and put it in composite in of the tv tuner card and audio to audio in of sound card.

    if u want to watch directly on PC without external digital receiver, then u need a DVB card and not a tv tuner card...

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    For better picture/sound qualityDear u have to buy a RC lead of good quality to receive good picture and sound .
    First insert video and audio points of this RC lead into ur receiver in respective loops(i.e Yellow for video and Red/white for audio in order to avoid confusion) .In the same way insert other end of the lead into Video option((composite) and audio(line in) lead into the audio/line in option of ur card.
    How To Attach
    i.e (Video )Yellow color Knob lead to video out of receiver--------------Video in(Yellow color other end) of TV card
    Red/white color Knob lead into audio out (for mono/stereo)------------- audio in/line in (Red/white) of the card.
    How To Play and watch
    As it is internal capture card so u have first to install the software + drivers then scan it or go into the option of composite and u will get the picture plus sound.
    If already card is installed then u just have to Connect the lead and Go to Video Change it to composite and for audio Change it to the line in.Then u will get the picture plus sound.
    I hope this will help u.

    Most conventional method:::::::::::::::
    Other option :::::ear u can attach ur reciever to ur Pc card through RF(conventional lead black old lead used for VCR) .Insert one end of the lead into TV out of ur receiver (at lower back portion ) and insert the other end into the Pc card TV in(whether capture card or tv turner).Now scan in normal (tuner mode) u will get the receiver channel in UHF band.
    TV out (receiver---------------------------------------Card) TV in
    Then tune and find the channel in UHF frequency (tv tuner option).

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    most probably, he wants to view satellite channels on his pc using the card, which is impossible. he needs a pc dvb-s card for that. if he just wants to capture the satellite channels from his STB, then the video/audio in option is his way.
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    CCcam 2.1.4

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    friend use intervideo win dvr v3 for recording i record a movie from mv (hotbird) frist download it for intervideo,com and then its sno and then use it

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    for MSI TV anywhere master which i m using, use the latest update from the MSI site and not the intervideo and install the MSI PVS (which includes DVR3) cause it will work better... DVR3 alone has problems with scheduling and wave chanelling....

    Make sure that if ur grafix card use the video "overlay" then u have to disable it in the MSI PVS DVR3 software... i.e. only ur grafix card or TV card can use it at a time and not together or ur system can have severe errors forcing the PC to restart...

    Dont use the RF channel for picture but use the AV channel as it will give u much clearer picture and two chanel sound.

    for wave dont use the outside port from your sound card to the tv card, but use the internal chanel which is for the CD Audio by this way u can have a seperate chanel for the card.

    This card has excellent quality but the latest software even has bugs... it is sometimes very irritating...



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