I already have the technosat 6000 plus receiver with the latest software from www.dsrsoftware.com and i had bought the sahara one STB to watch the cricket matches, they wouldnt sell the card separately. Once i got the card, i put it into my technosat 6000 plus receiver but the receiver would recognize the card as ****** but wouldnt decrypt the channel whereas the same card would work in the technosat STB they had provided with it. My question is that, is it that the card is locked with the serial number of the STB or something like that or is it that technosat 6000 plus doesnt read ****** cards, if so then will it work with a ****** cam if i buy that and put it in the technosat 6000 plus receiver?
Secondly if the card is locked to the STB then will the card stop functioning if i upgrade the STB software?

Currently i live in Dubai and the card works for asiasat 3s sahara beam