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Thread: VPlug 1.8.4

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    Default VPlug 1.8.4

    V-Plug (SoftCam Emulator for DVB-S Cards / MDAPI (MultiDec API) and DVBCore Plug-In)
    The plug-in decrypts the Crypted words from the incoming ECM stream. The actual descrambling of the video stream is done by a special chip on the DVB card (CSA).
    This chip is available with "premium" technotrend chipset cards like Nexus. Budget cards like the WinTV Nova lack the chip. In this case you have to use software decrypt (CSA.dll) which requires a decent CPU.(-> And it is a built-in feature of many DVB apps. For example ALT-DVB uses windows version of FFdeCSA. By using this version, your system's CPU usage will be very low comparing to normal CSA.dll.

    Decompress the ZIP file in the root (or plugins) folder of your TV application, in example "C:\ProgDVB\".
    The installed files should look like:

    V-Plug has been tested with:
    MD-API based programs:
    - ProgDVB (installation dir = Root or Plugins folder of the app.)
    - ALT-DVB v1.0.7+ (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)
    - HispaDVB v2.0+ (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app. + CSA.DLL for Budget cards in the modules folder)
    - TSReader (installation dir = MDPlugins folder of the app. + CSA.DLL (or FFDesca) in the root folder)

    DVB-Core based programs:
    - MyTheatre v3.33.5 (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)
    - RitzDVB v0.7.1.1 (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)
    - DVB Dream v0.8.8b (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)
    It is a DVB-Core based program with only MD-API based plugins support.(

    And also:
    - WatchTVPro v1.41 (installation dir = Plugins folder of the app.)

    Download aici:

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    E acelasi VPlug 0.8.4 de aici http://www.********.com/uploadshow.php?id=2
    Doar au schimbat pe 0 in 1 !



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