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Thread: sex view info

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    Default sex view info

    Sex view Package
    The new Smartcards for the Sexview transmitter should be available in April 2006. Allegedly the Abo is to have the name 12+.

    A British Satshop has the map already for 170 Pound in the offer.
    250 euro would be converted that thus not straight few.
    The price is appropriate thus easily above 10 pluses Abo.

    But one could itself somehow have let a better name here break in also.

    On the Sexview web page there is also new information.
    One can read up-to-date, which wants to bring Sexview of 3 new films per day for each transmitter. That would be each day approximately 36 new films.
    That is already very considerable, if not even improbable.
    Other transmitters create 3 new films per week, but not 3 pro day.
    But many transmitters promise to kind of sending the much, and mostly of it one converts not much.

    Here you see all Erotik transmitters|Porno transmitter
    send over Eutelsat the 13° east (Hotbird). sort after
    Transmitter | Frequency | Coding

    Transmitter Transmitter information Frequency Polarization
    247 Sextv 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    STARTING FROM Sat Promo 12,699 GHz Horizontal
    All Sex 11,200 GHz Vertically
    Blue LINE TV 12,303 GHz Vertically
    Calabria Channel 11,012 GHz Horizontal
    Canale Italia 11,178 GHz Horizontal
    Cartomanzia Lotto 11,623 GHz Vertically
    Conto TV 11,012 GHz Horizontal
    Diva Futura 11,179 GHz Horizontal
    Dont Panic TV 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    Euro TIC TV 10,853 GHz Horizontal
    Euro TIC TV 2 10,853 GHz Horizontal
    Fantasy 12,095 GHz Horizontal
    Free x TV 12,207 GHz Horizontal
    Free x TV2 12,207 GHz Horizontal
    Full x 12,577 GHz Horizontal
    Full-X2 12,579 GHz Horizontal
    Full-X4 12,579 GHz Horizontal
    GBR 11,178 GHz Horizontal
    Hot Chili TV 12,360 GHz Horizontal
    INXTC TV 10,853 GHz Horizontal
    Italia Channel 11,623 GHz Vertically
    Italia.TV Channel 11,200 GHz Vertically
    itv 11,513 GHz Horizontal
    La 9 11,013 GHz Horizontal
    Luxuria 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    Larva in Italy 11,199 GHz Vertically
    Mango 24 11,407 GHz Vertically
    Mediatel 10,949 GHz Vertically
    Mediterraneo Sat 1 12,111 GHz Vertically
    Mediterraneo Sat 2 11,303 GHz Horizontal
    New television 11,178 GHz Horizontal
    Nostradamus 11,178 GHz Horizontal
    Odeon Sat 11,200 GHz Vertically
    People TV 11,199 GHz Vertically
    Play TV Italia 11,200 GHz Vertically
    Pleasure TV 12,303 GHz Vertically
    Polonia 1 11,513 GHz Horizontal
    Puglia Channel 12,520 GHz Vertically
    Punto Sat 11,304 GHz Horizontal
    Talk Light Italia 10,971 GHz Horizontal
    Talk Light Ultra 10,971 GHz Horizontal
    Retecapri 11,012 GHz Horizontal
    Roma Sat 11,200 GHz Vertically
    SCT 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    Sensuality 12,115 GHz Vertically
    SET 12,520 GHz Vertically
    Sex Asian 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    Sex View 12,360 GHz Horizontal
    Sex View plus 12,360 GHz Horizontal
    Sex.TV 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    SexBest TV 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    SexGay.TV 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    SexPlus TV 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    Sextra 12,092 GHz Horizontal
    Sexy Channel 12,307 GHz Vertically
    Sexy Italy TV 12,360 GHz Horizontal
    Sexysat2 11,623 GHz Vertically
    SexySat3 11,623 GHz Vertically
    Spice Platinum 10,853 GHz Horizontal
    Starsat 11,200 GHz Vertically
    SuperSexTV 12,095 GHz Horizontal
    Tele A 11,603 GHz Horizontal
    Tele5 11,5113 GHz Horizontal
    Telefortune 11,730 GHz Vertically
    Telegenova 11,623 GHz Vertically
    Telegenova Sat 2 11,138 GHz Horizontal
    TLC 11,199 GHz Vertically
    Toscana Channel 11,533 GHz Vertically
    Transex 12,307 GHz Vertically
    TV7 Lombardia 11,242 GHz Vertically
    Varese Sat 11,200 GHz Vertically
    Veneto Free Channel 11,200 GHz Vertically
    Videolook Channel 11,138 GHz Horizontal
    Videosexy TV 11,623 GHz Vertically
    VIP.TV 11,790 GHz Horizontal
    X-Dream TV 12,207 GHz Horizontal
    XPlus TV 10,853 GHz Horizontal
    Xstream 12,476 GHz Horizontal

    Spice Platinum now also with EPG

    The best Erotik Pay TV transmitter Spice Platinum sends now also EPG. Now up-to-date all transmissions are indicated for the next 2 days. In addition there is also info. for transmission. The EPG information is available up-to-date however only with the Spice Platinum Astra variant. On Hotbird the EPG is not yet available. But the Astra EPG information is identically to the program which on Hotbird runs. Thus simply times on the Spice Astra variant switch, and one can see which up-to-date and next runs.

    Data for Spice Platinum Hotbird:

    Frequency: 10853
    Polarization: Horizontal
    Symbol rate: 27.500
    FEC: 5/6
    CELL +92-334-7165488

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    thanks for frequencies.
    Israrkhan SWAT
    [email protected]

    expert in superlazer & it,s clones

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    alot sex around dr ji...
    Im NoT InSaNe ,U r InSaNe , U r All InSaNe....



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