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    Default Help needed from experts specially bokony_ph!

    A pm received from a member
    Hey masood.

    Sorry to pop in uninvited but I am getting really depressed about not finding help on any forum all over the Net.

    Please take some time to read this embarrasing situation I am in at the moment and let me know if you know anything that may help:

    I reside in the South Pacific, Fiji Islands and have installed 2 dishes at home in C-band frequency. One is 14ft dish pointing onto AsiaSat 3S (105.5E) and the other is a 6ft dish pointing on IntelSat 701 (180.0E). I am getting good reception for both and all FTA channels are there. I purchased a Pansat 2700A from Panarex in the USA since I was told that it would be able to unlock Conax, ******, Viaccess and Nagra1+2.

    I have updated different BIN files onto the Flash ROM of the receiver and have seen the CAS Menu from which you can enter keys. I have not found any keys anywhere that match for the Sats I am pointing on. So I looked into the "Autoroll" feature of the receiver but nobody actually explains how to enable autoroll and start looking for key combinations. I figured that it does not do that because there are no Provider ID stated and thus it does not know what to look for. Again, I searched the Net for a list and couldn't find it.

    I seriously do not want to give up and neither do I want to subscribe to these greedy mosquitos that take so much bucks from everyone.

    What I am trying to unlock is this:

    Sky Pacific Transponders on Intelsat 701. Encoded in NagraVision 1
    Star Transponders on AsiaSat 3s. Encoded in NDS Videoguard.

    I have heard that NDS is unhackable, but you may have a different opinion. Knowledge is power as some say...

    But hey, if I can unlock something and prove it to my father who invested in all this that would be really great. Perhaps if you think that I cannot get it done with this receiver, tell me what equipment I need and what would work and I'll buy that

    Any type of responce or suggestion to this e-mail would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you.
    Have a great day

    Best Regards,

    Satman in Fiji...
    Fte Max 100S
    Humax IRCI-5400z
    Asiasat 3S,NSS 6,Insat 4B,Thaicom2/5,Intelsat7/10,HB 6/7A/8

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    Both the sats of which the member is talking about there are no codes for any channels means non of these sats have those channels which can be viewed by any pirated solutions...
    If he can check other sats like hotbird,astra something like that then only it will prove the receiver can open the paid channels or NO.

    take care.

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    Both satellites of which the member is talking about there are no codes for any channels which can be viewed .
    If he can check other satellites like Hotbird,LM1,Turksat or yamal something like that then only it will prove the receiver can open the paid channels.

    take care too....
    Qamar Mirani 0092-333-7542001
    E-Mail: [email protected]



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